Collaborative classrooms

The classrooms are designed for collaboration. Movement is key to active learning. When students can move about easily, they are more interactive, collaborative, comfortable and engaged in class. The flexible classroom design allows easy movement between lecture-based and team-based modes and providing the tools needed for collaboration and group engagement.

The Pod

Informal learning spaces for creative collisions

The Classrooms open up to the ‘Pod’ on the inside where children host department events and also a place to engage with fellow learners.

The Quad

Project areas & student showcases

The Quad is the heart-space of the school. It is the focal point of gathering for inhouse events and community and hosts display areas for student work. Beneath it is a large 8000 Sqft library.


Our libraries are not just stacks of books, they are Idea Centers that combine resources with high academic expectations for creative, collaborative, self-directed learning. Inviting, multipurpose spaces offer digital tools alongside traditional reference sources. A mix of reading and study areas allows students to work comfortably in collaboration or on their own.

Open Studio

Used by all levels, the Open Studio is a vibrant makerspace/ tinkering lab, the perfect spot for emerging entrepreneurs and engineers to tinker, explore, create, craft, and innovate. The Studio includes a vast robotics room with LEGO stations and competition fields, as well as workshops with 3D printers, sewing machines, a screen-printing facility, weaving loom, and more.


Our art studios are hives of multimedia creativity where students discover and develop their skills of observation, rendering, and 2D and 3D creativity. While making art, they also debate and discuss its meaning and relevance to 21st-century society.

Assessment 2.0

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