Accounting – 9706
Business – 9609
Chemistry – 9701
Economics - 9708
Biology - 9700
Physics - 9702
Computer Science - 9618
English Language - 9093
Information Technology – 9626
Mathematics – 9709
Psychology – 9990
Thinking Skills – 9694
English General Paper- 8021 (AS Level)

* A minimum of 5 students required for each subject.

Eligibility Criteria for the AS / A Level Programme

We believe that every student is capable of achieving excellence and realizing his true potential, if given the right environment and avenues for learning. We also believe that equal opportunity must be provided (and is indeed provided) to each and every student, in order to work towards maximizing individual potential.

As part of the Cambridge Assessment International Education that we are proud to be associated with, we also offer AS and A level programmes.

It is commonly believed that the AS / A Levels prepare the student to pursue further studies overseas. This is a misconception. The AS/A Level credentials are as recognized and valued in India as they are overseas. The difference lies in the unique approaches to learning that are ascribed to these two syllabi and how these approaches align to each student’s learning styles.

A study of the college placement portfolio of the Class of 2018, shows that students qualify equally for study in colleges / universities in India or overseas, irrespective of whether they were ISC/CBSE or AS/A Level graduates. Of course, the over-arching deduction that one can make, is that excellence in any of the programmes, is what ultimately qualifies students for entry into highly competitive institutions of higher learning globally.

At RaK’s, we believe that each student is unique and that each has his/her own learning style that may be effectively complemented by the ISC or the AS / A Levels.

It needs to be said at this juncture, that the ‘jump’ in content and rigor from grade 10 to grade 11 – whether from ICSE to ISC or from IGCSE to the AS/A Levels – is considerable. However, we have found that the jump from the IGCSE to the AS/A Level syllabus in particular, is quite formidable for students. Since our fundamental aim is to prepare and nurture every student for success, we have developed prerequisite benchmarks for students to qualify for the AS/A Level in grades 11 and 12.

We consider a minimum of 70% marks in either the IB, IGCSE, CBSE or ICSE, as an appropriate benchmark for students to qualify and succeed in the AS/A Level in grades 11 and 12.

The individual learning styles and results of every grade 10 student in his board exams – whether the IB, IGCSE, CBSE or the ICSE – are carefully evaluated by the school before final approval is given for the appropriate program of study in grades 11 and 12.

New candidates for admission in grade 11, who opt for either the AS/A Level , undergo a similar evaluation of their board results and are interviewed during the admissions interaction to ascertain their areas of interest. Students are also guided on the choice of subjects suitable to their interests and abilities, also considering their aspirations for future study and corresponding career options.

Design & Technology - 9705
Design & Textiles - 9631
Digital Media & Design – 9481
Media Studies - 9607

* A minimum of 5 students required for each subject.

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Accounting - 0452
Business Studies - 0450
Computer Science - 0478
Economics - 0455
English First Language - 0500
English as a Second Language (Speaking endorsement) - 0510
Information & Communication Technology - 0417
Mathematics - 0580
Science - Combined - 0653
Sciences - Co-ordinated (Double) - 0654

* A minimum of 5 students required for each subject.

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Group 1 Compulsory subject

Second Language / French / Tamil / Hindi
History / Civics / Geography

Group 2 Choose Any 2 Subjects

Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
Commerical Studies

Group 3

Computer Applications (Compulsory based on the schools policy)

* A minimum of 5 students required for each subject.

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