A learner-centered, inclusive approach that supports and challenges each student.


Our teachers practice a learner-centred, inclusive approach that supports and challenges each student. Students pursue their passions through projects; they also reflect on their learning. Students work in small groups to solve problems together from different vantage points. Every student shares his/her own perspective, and a feasible solution is arrived at based on collaboration and effective communication.

We ensure that our school fosters relationships of trust, care, and mutual respect among students and adults through design elements such as small school size, small classes, advisories, and student collaborative work.

Integrate hands and minds and incorporate inquiry across multiple disciplines

Authentic Work

Our projects integrate hands and minds and incorporate inquiry across multiple disciplines, leading to the creation of meaningful and original work. Students engage in work that matters to them. The projects are also pertinent to the world outside school. Students connect their studies to the outside world through fieldwork, community service, internships, and dialogs with subject experts. Our facilities are collaborative workplaces with small-group learning and project areas, relevant technology, and common spaces where prototypes and other artefacts of student thinking are simulated and displayed.

Teachers collaborate to design curriculum and projects, while seeking student experience

Collaborative Design

Collaboration is the key to creation. This is achieved through continuous research and feedback from peers. The curriculam is designed in order to foster indepth learning and - . Teachers work along with students, encouraging them to reflect on their learning. They also conduct inquiry into equitable teaching and learning, project design and authentic modes of assessment

Assessment 2.0

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